21 January 2011

A Beautiful Sight

My husband lured me to the west facing window with a bent index finger that indicated, "come here." I wiped the sleep from my eyes and wandered over to have a look. We stared out at the pasture in the dim morning light. He put his arm around me and smiled. Out there in the pasture were four horses having the time of their lives. Bucking and kicking and rearing and play fighting - all of them - together in a bunch.

It was such a beautiful sight. Berlin and Cruiser were rearing straight up, their front legs tangled in a mock boxing contest. They held their heads apart, baring teeth that never connected. The sheer balancing act, the power of upward mobility, walking around on their hind legs was fascinating to watch. Carli jogged past the pair, her tail in a flag, wagging her head from side to side on an arched, elevated neck. The Zigster was quite close by - bucking in place. He raised his neck and shoulders, lifting his front feet off the ground and then arced his back and kicked his hind legs out. He repeated this movement, never stepping forward or back.

We were mesmerized by their display of complete exuberance and joy.  Enriched by their example of the fact that life should be lived to its fullest...

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