26 July 2011

Dealing With the Class Clown

Busy morning preparing for the vet's arrival. It's coggins day at the farm.

Clean barn, clean paddock, clean horses...well almost!

07 July 2011

The Mare - Attempted First Saddling

My notes indicate the following: "Vet check, total time = 6 hours! Muscle soreness along back and croup, very thin (200# under weight). Loose left stifle. Dr. W says backing exercises and walking hills will tighten/strengthen. Racing plates pulled. Radiographs all around with various angles on hooves, pasterns, fetlocks, canons, knees, forearms, hocks, left stifle - all look very good. Minor lameness on RF, additional radiographs indicate nothing. Extremely long toes, no heels. Could be reason for lameness. Extensively pin fired on both front canon bones. Why? Upper respiratory infection (bacterial). Dr. W checked everything, couldn't find anything worthy of sending her back."

06 July 2011

The Mare - At the Vets

Both of us stood there staring at the registration papers. Me in amazement of the name, the vet in amazement because I hadn't bothered to check that the horse and the paperwork were one and the same.