12 April 2011


Compa has never been out in the open. He went from being stalled at the breeders, to being purchased and placed in a stall at the vet's where he was gelded, to a stall at my farm, where he was slowly integrated into my herd and finally turned out in my pasture 24/7.  So he's always been confined in some sort of enclosure. Yesterday changed all that.

07 April 2011

Introduction to the Bosal

Two rides in the round pen and I want out of there. I think Compa does, too. Today was ride number three, so to prepare for the great outdoors, I put Compa in the bosal.

05 April 2011

Starting Colts - What That Means...

Compa's first ride was everything I thought it would be. He was calm, accepting and curious about what I wanted. He was dependable and quiet, which kept me safe.