27 February 2011

What's The Difference?

I introduced Compa and Carli the first night. I figured I might as well get it over with. He's so recently gelded I knew all the stallion behaviors would erupt and send her into season. I wanted him to push her through her season now, since it would be awhile before I introduced Compa to the herd. Having her out of season when I'm ready to integrate him will make it safer for everyone.

25 February 2011

Compa Tests the High Line

Compa can't be turned out with other horses yet. And he certainly doesn't need to spend Long hours in a stall! What to do?

24 February 2011

Meet Compa!

We brought Compa to the farm today. I've been waiting several weeks to get him here. Two weeks ago this Andalusian/Morgan cross was a stallion. His new owner told me that he's not had a lot of equine socialization. He is going to be an interesting project!

21 February 2011

Causing a Commotion... (Again!)

Seems I've failed to endear myself to one of my neighbors. I don't do this on purpose, it just happens sometimes! I wish I could blame it on the class clown, but really, I can't...

The Gray Gelding - Part 3

Balance is incredibly important to the horse's mental, emotional and physical development. A horse that relies on his rider to hold him up will not be balanced and will experience difficulty in every movement. My goal for each horse, regardless of discipline, is that they learn to carry themselves in a way that leads to self collection. Meaning, I don't want collection via force, holding or pulling and then driving. There is no self-carriage in that...

18 February 2011

The Gray Gelding - Part 2

During our nice quiet conversation, she told me that her gelding had difficulty with a bit - any bit. She explained that she went out and purchased one of those long shanked, chain chin strap hackamores and tried riding him in it. Uh oh. She said it didn't go very well for either of them. I completely understood.

17 February 2011

The Gray Gelding - Part I

Last weekend was a blast. Lots of great questions, learning, understanding, horses changed for the better. There's one in particular I want to share.

08 February 2011

The Question

I sit next to someone on a long flight. I am introduced to someone at a dinner party. I attend a conference. Curious people want to know what I do for a living...

"Hi, I'm Dee Janelle with Simple Equine Teaching..."

05 February 2011

I Want The Best

How do I get them? By making sure my horses are trained to accept anything and everything the best have to offer...

"What is she talking about now?" you ask?

02 February 2011

Some Ideas About The Rope

Berlin is an almost 18 hand Oldenburg gelding that I purchased as a yearling. He came with a good many problems and he's taught me a lot. (A story for another time perhaps.) The thing is, he's not really what one would consider a cow horse. Instead, he's wonderfully bred for jumping and dressage. He would excel at either one and perhaps one day he will.