31 May 2011

27 May 2011

Putting the Miles On...

Exposing Compa to as many new things as possible requires miles and hours in the saddle.

20 May 2011

Exploring the World With the Mouth

The cleaning equipment comes out every morning, always in the same configuration - I tuck the muck fork and muck tub inside the wheelbarrow and haul it out to the paddock to pick piles. I clean while the horses are bucket feeding. I am close by, so they know to come find me when they are finished and I remove the bucket for them.

12 May 2011

So Fix the Spots!

I don't pick fights with horses, but when one occurs, I am there to see them through to the end.

11 May 2011

We Can't Both Be In Charge...

Remember my early blogs about Compa's first five years? We all agreed that horses should not spend any time locked away in a stall 24/7/365, especially one with solid walls and a small hole in which to drop feed. It's cruel.