27 May 2011

Putting the Miles On...

Exposing Compa to as many new things as possible requires miles and hours in the saddle.

For any horse, exposing them to new sights and sounds and combinations of those two things, will round out their education. If you are training a show horse, they need to go to many shows before they compete. Take them to local shows and lead them around. Get them used to the sound of a crowd talking and cheering, clapping, the announcer, loud music, golf carts, longe whips snapping - the list is endless. Do this before your first show and the horse will act like an old pro your first time out.

For the trail horse, ranch horse, pleasure horse, they need exposure to dogs, deer, cows, water, ditches, banks, hills, rocks, going down hill, garbage trucks, semi's, cars - really, this list is endless, too! The difference is, you must do this in the saddle (for the most part). You must put the miles on by saddling up everyday and getting out there and exploring. If you do, you will have a trusted steed (and quite possibly a best friend) in no time!

While you're at it, be sure to HAVE FUN!

1 comment:

  1. This is so true. My horses were never better than when I was putting 30+ hours in the saddle going by the river, riding around town, giving town kids rides, going down the highway...Now that they've had three years off on a secluded farm we get to start all over!