18 March 2011

Something to Think About...

All horses have three trainable systems - mental, emotional and physical. Most people think only of the physical. Which makes sense since that's the part we see and that's the part we ride - - - or is it?

Consider this. How easy is it to ride a horse that is physically sound, but mentally or emotionally disconnected or frazzled? How easy is it to ride a horse that does not, will not or cannot do what you ask? How easy is it to ride a horse that is physically capable but is totally hysterical?

See? Unless you are a very talented rider, most people don't care too much for a horse that is not mentally and emotionally connected to them. Yet I see people get on horses all the time who are completely uncaring of their handler, totally distracted, and thinking of everything but carrying a rider safely. Makes me wonder.

I coined a phrase I'd like you to think about:

"Consider first the horse's mind,
Then their emotions,
And their body willingly follows."  daj 2001

Give that some thought today.

Stay safe and have fun!

1 comment:

  1. I have the opposite problem, he is very good with me mentally and emotionally, but just trying to figure out what is bothering him physically ... think we are onto something now, but it is hard to figure out. He is such a good boy who takes good care of his riders, whether beginners or experienced riders.