16 June 2011

Dealing With the Weather

I don't wait for a perfect day to ride. Actually, it's quite the opposite.

I know that many people are unable to withstand certain weather elements. For me, it's a bitter cold wind. I can handle extreme cold with those little heat packets you get from the sporting goods store stuffed inside my boots and gloves, but I can't tolerate the addition of a cold blast of wind. In fact you'll hear me howling and complaining loudly if it is suggested I get out and ride in that type of weather. Yet, we have to sometimes.

Since I need my horses to do all types of jobs, I take the time to train them to accept all types of weather. This morning we dealt with extreme heat. It was in the mid 90's with insanely high humidity and a blazing sun. I saddled up the little red horse and Ziggy happily took me out and about while we practiced trot half pass, renvers and travers. He was content and willing and in no particular hurry to get back to the barn.

He wasn't always like this. It used to be he would refuse to be caught when the temperature rose. But little by little, I rode him more in the heat of the day, not asking too much, increasing the physical activity until one day he could do four or five hours chasing cows in 98 degree heat and 60% humidity. And now I know I can do the work, too.

It wasn't easy at first, but now I have a trusted animal in any weather and I too, can handle heat, cold, wet, bone dry, and damp. Unfortunately, the wind will always be problem for me. As for Ziggy? He could care less.

Just something to think about...

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  1. Good for you and Zig. As for the big guy and myself, we've slowed our pace and are doing lots of movement in all sorts of directions with as much lightness as we can manage (sometimes just visualizing is enough which is great)..making progress. :) We're both sweating and looking for shade in this weather -just praying for rain like mad to cut the heat. Whew. Take care - xo